Project Audrey


Making audio stories in isolation


Can we create an audio story when the contributors are distributed around the world.

This is initially a feasability project to see what is required to produce a cohesive audio product with distributed resources.


Lines are recorded by actors independantly, and collected so that an audio engineer can assemble the final product.
  1. Scripts will be prepared in a digital format.
  2. Actors are given an iPhone application to interact and record lines.
  3. Audio Engineer can standardise audio, assemble, and add effects.
  4. Publish through standard podcast infrastructure.

Join the Project

We need the following roles filled:
  1. Co-ordinator: Tim Potter
  2. Audio Engineer: Dan Poole
  3. Programmer: Tim Potter
  4. Sound and Music: Dan Poole
  5. Graphics: TBC
  6. Marketing: TBC
  7. Script Writer: Daniel Sullivan
  8. Author: TBC Now Open
  9. Voice Actors: TBC Now Recruiting

If you are interested in joining our project, please contact

Actors need:

The project proposal is available under the following link: