Professional Services

Potter Technologies has over 20 years experience in the Information Technology industry. We have worked with large governments, banks, mining and manufacturing organisations.

Some areas of expertise are:

Over 5 years experience working for government departments as and enterprise and solution architect. Including costing, design, approval and implementation. Departments have included:
  • Services Australia (previously Dept of Human Services) where we were deployed across many key projects and touched on nearly every part of the organisation.
  • Education (under many names, currently Dept of Education, Skills and Employment) to help with replatforming to Microsoft Azure
  • Department of Parliamentary Services, where it was a pleasure to worked in the Australian Parliment house to introduce a web single page application for staff.
Years of experience using and running Integration Platforms. Including:
  • Vendor and product reviews of iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) for the Newcastle City Council.
  • API documentation and design for Education
  • API Connect implementation and design at Services Australia

We have decades of experience with user interfaces that is drawn upon to help development teams.

  • Application design for optimising resource usage
  • Business flows to accomplish business requirements
  • Green fields application design. See developments page.
When necessary for project success we have also supported developers:
  • Proof of Concept applicatons
  • Data processing applications
  • Monitoring tools
  • Support scripts
System Administration
Decades of experience running servers.
  • Preference is for unix based operating systems
  • Good experience with running windows based systems
  • The future appears to be cloud services with experience in Azure and openshift
  • Containers such as Kubernetes or Docker
Experience with infrastructure domain including networking for organising infrastructure and capacity planning.
Strong interaction with security teams to:
  • Ensure application security
  • Support enterprise security measures
  • Organisation and response to penetration testing
  • Response to Security Incidents
  • Certificate implementation and management
  • Integration of Whole of Government security protocols (myGov, Vanguard FAS and Proda)
Load Testing
Involvement in load testing over multiple organisations:
  • Script design for repeated execution
  • Correlation of difficult process streams
  • Identification of bottlenecks