Fireball Fury

Furious fireball dodging frenzy!

Now available on the iTunes store.

Designed for the apple watch and enhanced for dual play on iPhone. Its great on an iPad, but even better with the watches unique control. Watch controls work perfectly with the "digital crown" providing precise movement. No menu's, just continuous play to make use of every second of free time. Scores for watch and iPhone can both be seen on the iPhone, allowing easy competitive play between two people.

Simple game play for a quick fix. Move your paddle around the track to collect powerballs without hitting any fireballs. Score a point for every powerball caught, but lose a point if you miss one. The difficulty ramps up as your collection grows.

The Art of Thai Foot Massage

We are proud of our first application for the iPhone.   available on the iTunes store.

Drawing on content by Simon Piers-Gallin the book "The Art of Thai Foot Massage" we have enhanced the experience by providing a hands free guide to the techniques.  There are 38 techniques covered to provide a custom length session depending on the options chosen.

The book can be purchased from Findhorn Press.

Robot Factory

A card game challenging you to build the best robot.

Designed for children about 8 years old, it has easy rules for quick gameplay.  In a typical card cycle, players pick up a card and discard another they don't want.  Attempting to make the best scoring robot before anyone else.

Currently in alpha testing:  We're trying to refine the rules to provide the best experience.

Producing this one a little differently. We want to publish as a physical card game and then look at a computer version.